PAY NOW AND COLLECT WITHIN 72 HOURS is a cost saving service intended to save you money simply by pre-ordering your ecurrency needs that are not urgent.  Through this service you will be saving money for yourself just by waiting for 3 working days for your ecurrency account to be credited.

So how does this arrangement benefit me?

You get your ecurrency account funded at a cheap price, cheaper than the office retail price
• Every time availability of unquantifiable amount of ecurrencies.  Regular stock always available (guaranteed)

With our over 20 years of tested and proven business integrity, you can make large payments into our bank account and go to sleep knowing fully well that as the sun would always rise we shall surely fund your ecurrency account or your MONEY BACK....GUARANTEED
We have physical office we have been occupying for years with long working hours you can always come to make your orders or verify your orders
It's either your account (wallet) get funded or your money back
Get good customer service support
We surely deliver on our promise

Please entertain no fears nor worries about pre-payment to us, we are TESTED and TRUSTED. We operate a STRICTLY NO SCAM business policy. We are as sure as the sun would rise that we shall surely fund your ecurrency account as agreed. We are tested and trusted to deliver.

Please no cash or illegal money bank transfer deposit into our account. ONLY Send money from your given personal bank account. ANY CASH DEPOSIT MADE WOULD NOT BE HONOURED BUT WITHHELD BY OUR ANTI FRAUD UNIT UNTIL SOURCE OF FUND IS PROVEN. We are STRICTLY AGAINST MONEY LAUNDERING.

Please agree with with us before payments are made, once payments are made please whatsapp the amount paid, the name and number on your teller, your phone number, your ecurrency account details including name and number.

Please feel free to make payment from YOUR OWNED PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT into our bank account without any fear of loosing your money as we will surely deliver as we have always been doing for over 20 years.

  Please note: All payments MUST be made into our bank account before 12 noon on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS for that day to be counted. 
Payments outside this period are treated as next day's transaction

Prices and calculations may change without notice as a results of forex market and bank charges variance.   WATCH OUT for our Weekly Prices as shown on our website

Direct payment method ONLY  
* PREFERRED provided it is not illegal funds/money laundering
Pay directly into our bank account WITHOUT VERIFICATION and get funded immediately Read more
You Buy Nxxx/USDT (CALL)
As mutually agreed
Minimum you can buy $1,000

Delayed Funding
Agree with us on the selling rate, transfer the agreed amount into our ecurrency account details, send evidence of transfer details & your bank details and GET FUNDED within 72 hours or as agreed...Guaranteed
Call/chat our hot lines

Phone support available
Mon-Fri. 8am-5pm ONLY
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